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Most clients have heard about the poor soil conditions in Hunt and surrounding counties and have concerns about the home they will build. It is true that Hunt county can experience an 8" vertical shift per year in the soil. Thus causing foundations to move,(it is called hydraulics). The soil goes from a dry condition to very wet allowing water will seep under the beams and cause soil to expand causing a foundation to raise. This can cause cracks in sheetrock and brick. And in some cases the foundation to crack.
After 34 years building in this and surrounding areas one thing has become very clear, water has to drain away from the home.
 I send your prints to a State licensed engineer who will engineer them for the lot on which you will build on. I use only post tension in my foundations and piers where necessary. Since starting this process nine years ago I have had 0 problems with foundations.
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First: Find out what you can qualify for financially .
American National Bank of Greenville is a good place to start. They do the majority of home loans in the area and are extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Second: Find a lot or property if you don't already own it.

Third: Find a floor plan, Magazines , internet no matter the source we can redraw the entire prints for you. Or create a set just just for you.

Or contact me and I will be more than happy to walk you through the process.
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